To Replace or to Rekey? That is the Question

Lots of owners don’t even know that there is an opportunity not to alter the lock but rekey it. This operation is not hard to perform if you have the needed tools and a couple of new key tumblers. In case you are not confident of your skillfulness or don’t have the instruments to do the necessary manipulations, you can entrust it to a locksmith in Langley or locksmith Richmond.

How can we differentiate between the situations, which demand lock replacement from those where it is not necessary? Let’s see.

The conditions, which require altering the lock

There might be several cases, which can make you substitute the old lock:

  • You don’t like the design of the previous models or they don’t match your new interior. If the house was totally renovated, the dated locks may look strange in the new design of the rooms. Hence, they should be substituted by those, which style suits better.
  • The previous locks are totally worn out. It is the most reasonable reason for alteration. A worn out deadbolt cannot perform its initial tasks properly. It increases the risk of burglary and home lockout.
  • A wish to raise the protective abilities of the locks. Rekeying won’t give you such a possibility. Only alteration of locks to a higher safety grade can solve this issue.
  • You want to get only one key to fit all the deadbolts in your house but they are produced by different manufacturers. Using a master key in the house is achievable if the locks are of the same mark. Otherwise, you’ll have to do some renovations.

Alteration of locks is always pricier than rekeying, so this option needs good financial investments.

Situations when lock rekeying is preferable

Rekeying is much cheaper than replacement like siding Vancouver is much cheaper than new walls. Hence, you can save a nice sum of money picking this option. The tumblers in the locking mechanism need to be replaced to rekey the deadbolt and to make the old key useless. Rekeying is preferable when:

  • You want to exclude the possibility of a stranger or someone you don’t want to communicate with enter your house. Such situation may take place if you’ve moved into a new home or broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Moving to a new house, you never know how many keys, which can open your door exist. And in case of a break up, your security and the security of your possessions is under threat.
  • You want one key to open all doors in your house. It is rather handy because you don’t have to look for the needed key as it is the only you’ve got.
  • You’ve lost the key or it was stolen. Of course, you cannot feel secure knowing that someone can unlock your house.

Hopefully, we’ve brought some light to these two concepts. Now it’s your turn to choose what is best for you.